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About Chris & Becca

We are a husband and wife boudoir team that works together to capture both the best things you see in yourself, and the best things others see in you.

They were extremely professional, balanced with just the right amount of fun. The fact that they kept me laughing made me feel like my true self.

Just a few years ago, I would not have felt comfortable doing a boudoir shoot. Honestly, not much has changed about me, especially physically, in recent years. What HAS changed is how I feel about myself. My self confidence has grown immensely. I’m so happy Chris and Becca gave me the opportunity to capture a time in my life when I feel my sexiest. These images are a snapshot of my growth as a person and my favorite chapter of my life thus far.

I would recommend everyone consider doing boudoir, whether it’s for a significant other or just for themselves. It made me love me even more, and I know it could do the same for others. I can’t wait to look at these photos decade from now and see and appreciate the time I fell in love with the woman I’ve become


Thanks so much for the opportunity I had so much fun and you guys made me feel so comfortable! …I have told everyone that doing a boudoir photo shoot is a must in every women’s lifetime! 🙂 thank you again!


Am I the wrong age, size, orientation etc... ?

Absolutely not, we love to work with women, men, and couples of all ages and sizes. We believe that boudoir is an amazing opportunity for every person to feel sexy and confident in who they are.

Can I bring a friend to come with me for the photo shoot?
Yes, you can bring a friend, however we do ask that they stay out of the exact room once the photographing begins. We want to make sure everyone is as comfortable as possible, but we’ve found that people feel too silly and self-conscious with a friend right there to get the images people want from us.
Do you have any recommendations to prepare for our shoot?
Bring multiple outfits (usually like 4-6+) you had in mind and we can go through them together to figure out what would be the best fit and work well. Bring multiple pieces of jewelry and and accessories (just nothing too cheesy) and a few favorite sexy shoes. A boudoir shoot is always a good excuse to treat yourself (Treat Yo Self!) and get a manicure and pedicure. It’s certainly not required but we always love starting a session with bodysuit lingerie. Especially if you are worried about being more self-conscious. It’s an outfit that’s flattering for every body, and it’s a little less intimidating of an outfit to start with.

Luxury Boudoir Albums

Little and not so little black books
I’m not a model and I don’t know how to pose, what do I do?
Don’t worry we will help you the day of. We actually prefer working with people who know little or nothing about posing, because it means you haven’t learned any bad habits and you can just relax and listen to our prompts and directions!
Is my comfort zone too small or too big?
99% of people that work with us are pushing their comfort zone to do it, so it’s important for us to know exactly where your line is before and during your shoot to make we can encourage you to accomplish what you want, but not push you if you are uncomfortable. So we will always have a conversation before we ever pick up our camera. That said, our default boudoir shoots contain what we call “implied nudity”. This can be photographs with a bare back, but facing away from the camera, or being partially covered by a sheet or arms and hands, etc… We believe that learning to love and embrace your body is the very heart of boudoir. And we’ve found even when we only take a few nude photographs, the images where people can’t hide behind props and outfits have some of the biggest impact. If that’s too much for you don’t worry, we’ll talk through it all and make sure we do what is right for you. If you have any specific questions feel free to send us an email.
I don’t want my images being used on your website/blog, is that okay?
Of course, we totally understand the intimate nature of the work that we do and many of the people that we work with want their images to remain private.
Do you offer Payment plans?

Yes we do! While the session fee is due in full in order to reserve the date. We do offer payment plans for all of our products such as albums and wall art.

What is Boudoir?

Boudoir is about empowering the women (and men too!) who choose to love their bodies. It means that sexy and sexuality aren’t dirty words or anything to be ashamed of!
How and when do I schedule an appointment?

Fill out the contact form at the bottom of the page or email us at hello (at) and we can find a time that works for everyone. Our weekends are primarily full with weddings, so our boudoir shoots take place almost entirely on weekdays.

How long does a boudoir session last?
There are usually about 90 minutes of actual photographing and about an hour if you are having your hair and makeup done. We always recommend that you block off about 3.5 – 4hrs of your schedule for a boudoir session to be safe!
Where do you photograph?
Like all of our photography we are happy and more than willing to travel all over the world. We consider ourselves CT, Boston and NYC boudoir photographers. We don’t charge any travel fees if we have to drive next door to the New York or Boston area. Typically we shoot in Connecticut in a mix of locations from in-home shoots to studios, but if you have something different mind please let us know what you are thinking!
How long does it take until I can see the photographs?

While it can change somewhat based on both of our schedules it usually takes about a week from the day of the actual boudoir photography.

Join our VIP Facebook group

A ladies only (except for Chris, of course) group that is a great place to ask other women who have had boudoir sessions questions. It’s a fun community of women building up other women across the world!

Sometimes email is unpredictable, and sometimes people mistype their email. But for whatever reason if you don’t hear back from us 24 hours after filling out our form feel free to email us directly. Please answer questions above and send to hello (at)

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