About Chris and Becca Boudoir

Hi. We’re Chris and Becca. We’ve been happily married for four years and really like taking pictures of women in their underwear.

We believe in having fun. In putting yourself first sometimes. In treating yourself to a new experience. There are few things in this world we get more excited about than revealing boudoir images to a woman who doubted she could ever “look like one of the girls on your website”, and showing her how hard she rocked her shoot and watch her see herself in a new light!

We want you to see yourself through our eyes, the way we see you. Beautiful, empowered, and undeniably sexy.

We both grew up in conservative religious households and schools. And quite frankly we absorbed a lot of toxic ideas about sexuality that we had to fight and work through. Now we want to be able to help women learn to love their bodies, and feel that there’s no shame in being sexy. We believe that every woman, body type, age, and every orientation deserve to feel shamelessly sexy.

About half of the ladies that come to us are doing boudoir as a gift to someone else. But we want every single woman who works with us to realize that it was really a gift to themselves, that someone else can also enjoy.

As steamy as some of our pictures may look, the enviroment while we photograph is a lot of fun. We can be pretty silly people, and we roll with it. Don’t worry about have to hold your “blue steel” face for 2 hours straight.

There is a lot of giggling and laughter and that’s the way we like it, even if most of the laughter is AT Chris while he demonstrates your next pose.

If you ask our friends about us, they’ll say we’re fun, easy going, and always ready for a new adventure. 

A few things about Becca


She loves:


Pirates Booty

cute animal gifs

French lingerie

There’s a 50/50 chance she’s wearing either killer heels from her abundant shoe collection or Chris’s oversized sweatshirt. There is no in between.

A few things about Chris


He loves:

Good Sushi

Audiobooks and Podcasts

Eating adventurously

There’s a 50/50 chance he’s watching either a masterfully crafted film or a silly cartoon/youtube video.