Sometimes our friends at lingerie shops around Connecticut will send us some lingerie goodies that our girls might want to consider wearing for their shoot. It’s nice when we get to bring some swanky lingerie from a boutique, but when we can its better to use your own lingerie, because it will always just fit a little bit better. So we had brought about half a dozen outfits that Lady M might want to look through. But Becca and I learned a valuable lesson… if a girl brings more lingerie than we do, she’s going to be a complete and total rockstar!

“They were extremely professional, balanced with just the right amount of fun. The fact that they kept me laughing made me feel like my true self.
Just a few years ago, I would not have felt comfortable doing a boudoir shoot. Honestly, not much has changed about me, especially physically, in recent years. What HAS changed is how I feel about myself. My self confidence has grown immensely. I’m so happy Chris and Becca gave me the opportunity to capture a time in my life when I feel my sexiest. These images are a snapshot of my growth as a person and my favorite chapter of my life thus far.

I would recommend everyone consider doing boudoir, whether it’s for a significant other or just for themselves. It made me love me even more, and I know it could do the same for others. I can’t wait to look at these photos decade from now and see and appreciate the time I fell in love with the woman I’ve become.”

– Lady M

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