Lady J’s Glamorous Boudoir Session

Lady J, like many of the women we work with, was pretty nervous going in to her shoot. It was an entirely new experience for her, and something she never thought she’d find herself doing! But that’s what we’re there for. Most women are stepping out of their comfort zone when they try a boudoir session, so we’re there to make you feel comfortable. We coach ladies through their entire session, and we think you’d be surprised at how easy it is to relax and have fun once you get started! The product of a boudoir session may be some steamy sexy images, but the process is all fun.


Lady J has an incredibly natural sense of style and an easy smile that we just love. She told us that her happy place is walking the beach in a pair of cutoff shorts, which she even brought along to her session! She’s a free spirit, and has a love for cats that she and Becca bonded over instantly. She brought some beautiful little details for her session that really made it something special, like her fiance’s white button down shirt and Prada shoes given to her by her Grandmother. They were beautiful personal touches to add to such an intimate session. Even though she was nervous to begin, she was excited for a whole new experience and totally ROCKED her session!
 glamorous boudoir shoes

white shirt hair boudoir glamour

ct boudoir glamour

We always encourage throwing caution to the wind and baring it all for a few fine art nudes at the end of a boudoir session. It can be incredibly freeing! We love offering the opportunity, and it’s truly amazing to see yourself without any fancy lingerie or details, just you, looking AMAZING. And we absolutely love these images.

This is what Lady J had to say about her shoot:

“Celebrating your OWN body instead of what’s ON it was also a welcome change. For other women considering boudoir, I’d say stripping back the layers to bare (pun intended) bones is liberating. It can also be terrifying, but I’ve always been of the belief that what makes you most uncomfortable also helps you to grow the most.”

white sheet boudoir

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Want to experience an amazing boudoir or glamour session in the Hartford area for yourself? We’d love to hear from you! These sessions are amazing as a gift to yourself, or a gift for a significant other! Sessions are held in studio, or for something a little more intimate we can come to your home.

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